Diversity and inclusion

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We seek to create a culture of acceptance and understanding that values the contribution of every member of our community. We know the diverse talents, skills and backgrounds of our people shape Melbourne Grammar and contribute to its success.

Why we celebrate diversity

We celebrate diversity because diverse viewpoints and identities connect us to the lives and experiences of others, build our capacities for empathy and understanding, and challenge our ideas about people and society.

How we celebrate diversity

We value differences in achievement, personality, interest and passion by recognising the contribution of students across all areas of the curriculum and beyond the classroom.

Concrete initiatives that support inclusion are key to our School community. They include:

  • The Melbourne Grammar School Gay-Straight Alliance, a Senior School student-led group, which works to break down stereotypes and build inclusiveness across peer groups
  • Our First Nations Program, promoting knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures and supporting our Indigenous student population
  • The Building Bridges Program, bringing together students from Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths to foster mutual understanding