Motor Works Visual Arts Precinct

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The Motor Works Visual Arts Precinct has welcomed budding artists since its opening in 1994. Once a Porsche dealership, and prior to that, a working garage - hence the name - the Precinct now houses:

  • art classrooms and drawing studios
  • photographic studio and darkroom
  • pottery studio, including two kilns
  • graphic design studio
  • screen and print making facilities

Exhibitions of student work are regularly held in the large exhibition spaces.

Beyond the classroom

Melbourne Grammar students excel in the Visual Arts. VCE student artworks are normally selected among the very best in Victoria each year through the VCE Season of Excellence.

While the resources available to students aid their development, the teachers and other people leading the program are central to their success.

  • All art teachers are practising artists with rich and relevant experience in traditional and contemporary techniques, as well as solid theoretical knowledge.
  • Our extensive Artist-in-Residence program extends students’ skills and knowledge in the Visual Arts as well as increasing their understanding of possible careers in the Visual Arts.

Gear Box Gallery

This 1m cube visible from the street is a gallery within a gallery. It presents the work of interesting and emerging artists as a provocation and inspiration for students and other members of the community.