School Values

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Our values convey the beliefs that positively influence our behaviour and the way we interact with individuals, groups and communities. They represent the deepest beliefs and sentiments to which we can aspire, and they shape our School community.

These are the values that shape our School:


We value inquiry and intellectual growth of all students and staff, recognising their different learning needs, encouraging them to be creative, engaged and lifelong learners.


We value the acceptance and fair treatment of all people in our community. Social justice and compassion are highly regarded and actively pursued. We encourage the development of a wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities throughout the School to help facilitate individual talents and interests.


We value strength of character, honesty and courage, guided by a strong moral code of behaviour.


We value the process of striving for excellence, recognising both relative and absolute standards of excellence, and the desire to produce one’s best at all times.


We value the Christian spiritual journey based in the Anglican tradition, acknowledging World religions and the importance of the human spirit which gives personal meaning to life.


We value leadership and teamwork, underpinned by a strong ethical and moral dimension and put to use in serving our community. The notion of gratitude and ‘giving back’ is an essential feature of our leadership programmes.

A sense of community

We value community, both within and outside the School, and the need for all citizens to be positive and productive members of society. When our values are actively engaged, the result is a supportive environment where everyone feels that they belong.