Priority: Embrace the wider world

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We will ensure a Melbourne Grammar School education prepares students to take their place in the world with confidence.

Our School is a place with permeable boundaries, both physical and digital. This offers us opportunities to learn from others at local, national, and global levels. We know we will come to understand ourselves better, and understand how to serve and lead those around us, when we embrace these opportunities.

To ensure our students are ready to make their contribution to the wider world, we must build a sense of openness and compassion. We must recognise what brings us together– our common humanity–as well as the backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that make us distinct. And, we must continue to value the lessons history teaches, along with the perspectives we can gain by imagining different futures.

This appreciation for diversity is present in our classrooms, where students learn to listen to others with respect, and to build their own thoughtful, considered arguments.

It informs the way we approach professional development, recognising that staff must connect with pedagogical change. It extends to our use of technology which enables our students to step outside their immediate environment in an instant.

We will fully engage with and embrace the wider world, with its constant change and opportunity. Our students’ futures will be richer for being in contact with different perspectives, practices and points of view. With these experiences behind them, they will be able to take their place in the world with confidence, and to thrive.