Priority: Exceptional staff

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We will offer an environment that attracts, supports and retains excellent staff and where staff are motivated by our aspirations and aligned with our values. We will be committed to their professional development and wellbeing.

At our School, relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Our staff are central to preserving this tenet through their passion, creativity, expertise, and collaborative spirit. Whether as teachers, allied educators or professional staff, every member of this community works in partnership to deliver the exceptional educational experiences we offer our students.

The strength of the professional relationships across Melbourne Grammar reflects the fact that staff join our School to have meaning and purpose in their work. Our staff know that they are working towards the development of young people who have intellectual courage along with a sense of purpose and the desire to benefit humanity.

We are committed to attracting and retaining talented staff, and providing them with the culture, resources and environment they need to do their best work. We recognise the importance of building future leaders within our staff cohort and take seriously our responsibility to developing the careers of all of those contributing to our School.

Those who lead our School do so with a clear understanding of how our vision, mission and values inform each decision. Their accessibility and accountability are crucial factors in supporting our staff.

We aim to ensure our staff have the support and stability they need to trial new approaches, and the shared understanding that the traditions we follow today were once viewed as innovations.

We know influence occurs at all levels. As a leading independent school, we will use our voice and influence to contribute to professional networks and promote the betterment of education in the wider community.

Above all, we will strive to recognise the contribution made by each member of staff–to ensure they have clear goals, the support they need to achieve them, and that their achievements are acknowledged and celebrated.