School Council

Melbourne Grammar School is a Company Limited by Guarantee, with a School Council responsible for matters of finance and governance.

Demonstrating a broad range of interests, talents and experience, the School Council is responsible for guiding and monitoring the School on behalf of the members of the School (the Association), and is subject to election by the Association. The Association is made up of representatives of key School constituencies including the Old Melburnians, the Melbourne Grammar School Foundation, the Friends of Grammar and the Anglican Church. While not a member of School Council, the Headmaster attends Council meetings in a consultative capacity.

Members of Council


The Most Reverend Dr Philip L Freier


Mr Andrew G Michelmore AO 

Deputy Chair

Ms Mary M Clark


Mr Geoffrey A Cohen 


Dr Amanda L Day


Ms Sally Draper


Mr E (John) Hawkins


Prof Julian A Smith


Mr Philip H Solomon QC


Prof Geoffrey N Taylor


Mr Ian R Ward-Ambler


Sub Committees

Sub Committee


Buildings and Grounds

Prof Geoffrey N Taylor

Finance and Audit

Mr Geoff Cohen

Marketing and Communications

Ms Mary Clark

Investment Management

Mr Ian R Ward-Ambler


Mr Andrew G Michelmore AO 

Risk Management 

Prof Julian A Smith