Anglican Tradition

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Melbourne Grammar School’s foundations are built on the philosophies of the Church of England. The Anglican tradition has shaped our School and now informs our understanding of spirituality as one of our core values.

Our Anglican Foundations

In 1856, our founder, Bishop Charles Perry, envisaged Melbourne Grammar School as an institution that would provide both academic and religious instruction to young people in Melbourne’s new, fragile colony. Today, spirituality remains one of our core values.

Religion may be central to a student’s spirituality, or their spiritual experience may be supported by simple actions such as service and care for others, or quiet contemplation in the stillness of the chapel.

What it means to be an Anglican School

The Chapel of St Peter is at the heart of our Senior School, while The Chapel of St Andrew brings together students from Prep to Year 6 at Grimwade House. Our chapels and chaplaincy programmes express our position as an Anglican School, as do our values of diversity and community, our commitment to service, and our respect for intellectual debate and new ideas.

Our multi-faith community

Melbourne Grammar School is privileged to include students and staff from many different religions or denominations, with others being agnostic or atheist. This diversity of faith allows all students to examine religious, moral and ethical issues in an environment of tolerance and respect.