Priority: Sustain quality and accessibility

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In the face of rising costs, economic and other uncertainties, we will support initiatives that ensure delivery of the highest quality education, always ensuring that our School has the capacity to sustain diverse and inclusive student and staff cohorts. We will ensure we have sustainable social, environmental, and financial practices in place.

Cultural, social and economic diversity is important to our School community, as is diversity of ideas and ways of thinking. We are actively working to ensure all members of our School community feel safe and respected, irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, beliefs, gender or sexual orientation. To continue to cultivate this diversity, we must embed practices that ensure our School is accessible and offers a quality education to those who learn with us.

We believe talented students should have access to a Melbourne Grammar School education, regardless of their circumstances. This includes those from Indigenous and refugee backgrounds, students from remote communities and families experiencing financial hardship. With the generous support of the School community, we will continue to welcome an increasingly diverse range of students through bursaries and scholarships.

Our focus on accessibility extends beyond students. Our staff should be able to work with us while maintaining connections to the many other aspects of their lives beyond the School gates. Furthermore, we will provide physical spaces, technology and resources that sustain our School community in all its endeavours.

To achieve these aims, we must continue to embed sustainable practices that govern the way we manage our financial resources.

The health and beauty of our natural environment is important to us. The buildings and grounds that make up Melbourne Grammar are an integral component of our learning framework. They are also a testament to community generosity over many years, and this is a legacy we wish to honour and continue.

Within this context, we fully understand our obligation to guarantee the future of Melbourne Grammar School well into the future, and to retain our independence and standing as national and global priorities change.