Witherby Tower Society

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The Witherby Tower Society honours those who have chosen to continue their legacy by remembering the School in their Will. Choosing to let us know of your intent gives us an important opportunity to thank members for this commitment.

As part of the Society, you will be invited to special events and have opportunities to stay connected to the School and our students. Contact us to learn more about this vibrant and growing group or to discuss your ideas about creating your bequest.

My father’s long association with his beloved Grammar and as a member of the Witherby Tower Society led him to make this bequest. Dad’s connection with MGS lives on through his Gillespie grandsons, their future sons and daughters and through his belief that a sound education is the best way of handling any issues that life throws at you.

Julia Hare
Daughter of Tom Gillespie, Witherby Tower Society Member