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Boarding at Melbourne Grammar School offers boys the opportunity to benefit from the exceptional educational experience available at one of Australia’s leading schools, Melbourne Grammar School.

With a warm, friendly ‘home away from home’ atmosphere within our boarding precinct, boarders are welcomed into a warm, safe, and inclusive community that supports student learning and promotes a strong moral code of behaviour.

We provide accommodation for around 120 boys from Years 7 to 12 in our boarding precinct, located just a few minutes’ walk from our Senior School and Wadhurst campuses. We have three houses within the precinct – one for students in Years 7 – 8, and two for older students. Younger students share rooms but, by Year 11, boys have their own room. The precinct also houses recreational spaces, kitchenettes and study areas.

The Royal Botanical Gardens are adjacent to the boarding precinct and the MCG and AAMI Park are a short walk away. Beaches and central Melbourne are minutes away by tram.

A caring culture that supports achievement

The values that underpin all our activities across the School also strengthen the culture of care, warmth and acceptance in our boarding houses. All boarding staff members live in or near the boarding precinct together with their family, creating a strong community. Our boarders tend to form lifelong friendships with fellow students who share their experiences and aspirations.

Some students enjoy the structure provided by boarding, and find their academic results improve as a result. For others, having easy access to exceptional learning facilities and a wide range of co-curricular activities – from band and performance rehearsals to sports practice and careers events – is a major benefit.

Creating a home away from home

In many ways, Melbourne Grammar School boarders have an experience that is very similar to day students, but with the benefits of after-hours academic support, dedicated pastoral care, delicious provided meals. They share the experience of having a welcoming, home-like environment to return to at the end of the day.

The range of activities on offer within each boarding house, and the expertise and care of our staff, means that boys tend to quickly and happily settle into boarding life.

Of course, regular contact with home is encouraged and staff ensure parents are kept informed of their son’s academic and social progress.

I was most excited to come to Melbourne Grammar School because of the opportunities it offers. Being here has widened my horizons and introduced me to so many things I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

Jack, Year 11