Spiritual support

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Spirituality is one of Melbourne Grammar School’s central values. As an Anglican School with an open, inclusive approach to spirituality, we aim to provide spaces where students can reflect, ask questions and seek guidance as part of our goal of developing the ‘whole person’.

Chapel and spaces for spiritual reflection

Our boarders have a number of Sunday evening Chapel services throughout the year. Twice a year, boarders from nearby Melbourne Girls Grammar join us for these services.

Apart from these formal services, our campus chapels are always available to students for moments of quiet reflection or meditation within the busy school day. We also see spirituality as including moments of connection with nature, such as the downtime spent in our leafy campus grounds.

The role of our School Chaplains

Our School Chaplains for both Senior School and Wadhurst play a crucial role in our boarders’ pastoral care. They are available to discuss spiritual questions and to provide guidance on the connection between spirituality and personal well-being.

While students are invited to consider making a Christian commitment through Confirmation into the Anglican Church, all World religions are welcomed and their traditions respected as part of our campus community.