Metro Tunnel

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The Metro Tunnel project will deliver a new underground train station – Anzac Station – on St Kilda Road directly opposite Melbourne Grammar School’s South Yarra campus. A tram ‘super stop’ is to be located above the station.

Information about Anzac Station is available here . Information about the Metro Tunnel project is available here.

The development of Anzac Station is likely to have significant benefits for Melbourne Grammar School students and staff, improving access to the South Yarra (Years 7 - 12) campus through increased transport options.

However, we do recognise that there may be some challenges during the construction phase of the project. As always, the health and welfare of our students and staff is our paramount consideration. Melbourne Grammar School is giving this project its highest level of attention, and proactively undertaking steps to identify and mitigate risks and issues arising from the project as a top priority.

The School is also committed to providing its community members with updates about significant matters relating to the project and the School’s plans for dealing with any issues arising.