Our boarding family

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At Melbourne Grammar School, our boarding staff live in and around the boarding precinct, together with their families and pets.

This creates a true sense of community that warmly encompasses and supports boys, encourages the building of strong friendships, and provides immediate support if they do have issues or concerns.   

Within this family-like community, our older boarders also watch out for the well-being of younger students. Parents are encouraged to stay in regular contact with their sons and their involvement in School life is welcomed.

Our approach to pastoral care extends to making sure the ‘habits of home’ are embedded in our day to day activities. For example, we make sure the milestone’s of boarders lives are celebrated – from simply spending time together sharing a birthday cake to recognising students’ achievements in sport and performance, and providing a smiling face to welcome them home at the end of the school day.

I really enjoy the environment of the boarding house. It’s like another family. I know the people I board with will be my mates for the rest of my life.

Scottie, Year 12