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Part of providing a high standard of pastoral care for our boarders is ensuring appropriate supervision throughout their time at Melbourne Grammar School. We approach supervision and leave differently for our younger boarders and more senior students, reflecting their increasing independence.

Year 7 and 8 students

During the week, boys may travel to the local shops in the company of at least one other boarder with approval from their Tutor. On weekends after Saturday sport, boys can apply to leave the boarding house in the company of an adult approved by parents, including for overnight stays.

Weekend leave is available freely as we believe it is important for all boys to spend time with a family during term, whether with his own parents or with others.

Senior School students

The School has generous leave arrangements for senior boys, however we ensure we know where boys are at all times. Leave can include:

  • visits to local shops on weekday afternoons
  • leave on Friday evenings, usually to spend time with a parent or Local Support Person
  • day and overnight leave on weekends, provided it does not conflict with academic and sporting commitments.

All leave is applied for and tracked through our online system, Reach, and granted with the approval of Tutors and Heads of House, and in consultation with parents.