Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

To develop and nurture young people to be intelligent, independent, creative thinkers with a sense of purpose, spirituality, and respect.

Our Vision

To provide an exceptional teaching and learning environment that inspires and empowers within an inclusive and dynamic School culture and community.


Our School exists to inspire young people, provide opportunity, and contribute to positive change in our world. Our role is to teach students how to think, learn and reflect, so they may go on to lead meaningful lives in the service of humanity.

Melbourne Grammar School is a community of ideas, where knowledge is explored within a multidimensional, reason-infused, and ethical framework. We welcome difference in all its forms including background, outlook and perception.

It is a place where the pursuit of excellence is celebrated in a culture underpinned by respect, humility, and responsibility. By nurturing and challenging students and staff, we create an environment where new interests, passions and understandings can grow.

We uphold worthy long-held traditions that have sustained our School community for over 160 years. We recognise the crucial role of debate, the value of diversity, the importance of innovation, and the gains we make when we question our assumptions.

The mission, vision and values of our School are based on Christian foundations within the Anglican tradition. As an Anglican school, we celebrate the qualities of faith, hope and love. We also recognise the importance and relevance of other faiths and belief systems within our School community.

We appreciate that we exist in a world where both change and opportunity are ever-present. We support students to find their purpose in this evolving world, build a strong sense of self, and help them define the type of contribution they wish to make in their professions, as parents, as partners and as citizens.

Our hope is that when young people leave our School, they will go on to become agents for positive change, wherever their futures take them.