Priority: An engaged School community

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We will build and sustain a School community of positive and enduring relationships in which people embrace our values.

An engaged School community is one in which every person–from students and staff through to parents, Old Melburnians, donors and volunteers–feels valued, included, informed and connected to one another and to the School. A respectful School culture complements this strong sense of connection, inspiring and empowering each person, and celebrating the joy of educational exploration.

Our sense of community matters because it is one of the qualities that make our School great. We therefore have a responsibility to maintain this quality, understanding it is core to our success.

With this in mind, we will seek to listen when faced with decisions and challenges, and to engage one another with respect, consideration and openness. By acting in this way, we will deepen trust across our School community, allowing us to collectively focus on providing an exceptional educational experience.

One measure of our success will be the way members of our School community continue their connections with us. Philanthropic support along with other forms of engagement–contributions of time, knowledge and expertise–reflect a sense of pride in being associated with Melbourne Grammar.

With an engaged School community, and caring, thoughtful culture, we are a School that looks beyond individual achievement and success to foster a true sense of belonging.