Building for the future

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At Melbourne Grammar School, we understand education as a human-centered, relationship-based endeavour. Here, we embrace discourse in the classroom as a core mechanism to grow intellect and to develop deep understanding.

Teachers and students are both active participants in this educational journey. However, other elements also influence the success of the teaching and learning.

The spaces in which our students learn matter greatly. The quality of our buildings has a direct impact on the quality of education that occurs within them.

Our buildings also convey messages about our culture, our values and our ideas. Here, they often reflect generosity and connection, and they demonstrate the respect we have for the educational process and the students engaged within it.

With the support of the School community, we hope to embark on four major building projects that support our aspirations and help us to continue to prepare students for the world beyond the School gates.

Our initial focus will be on creating a Centre for Humanities on the South Yarra campus, and a new building for Lower Primary students at Grimwade House. Later, we hope to redevelop the Strickland Physical Education Centre, and construct an underground black box theatre adjacent to The Old Melburnians War Memorial Hall and the Shelmerdine Studio thereby extending our current performing arts precinct.