Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub

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The Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub is an exceptional five storey facility for science and design technology studies.

The scientific laboratories are flexible and able to accommodate a variety of disciplines, now and in the future. 

The large design technology workshops are equipped with the latest technology, and with break-out areas for students and staff to meet to discuss their work and progress. 

There are also informal learning areas and quiet study zones, all of which are aimed at encouraging students to explore and develop their own ideas and projects.

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About Geoff Handbury (OM 1942)

Geoff Handbury AO (OM 1942) was a successful businessman and passionate philanthropist who generously gave a  transformational gift to support the building of the Science and Technology Hub, one of his numerous gifts to the School.

A fierce advocate for regional development, Mr Handbury also extended his philanthropic generosity across fields including health, the arts and the environment.

Commencing at Melbourne Grammar in 1937, Mr Handbury often described himself as a modest, yet responsible student. Awarded House Colours and Rowing Colours during his final years, he was also a senior officer in the Cadet Corps.

Mr Handbury graduated from Melbourne Grammar School in 1942 with what he described as “a great sense of the value of fellowship”.