Science and Technology

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Our science curriculum can be divided into two streams: pure science — a lens through which we can understand how the universe works — and applied science, which asks: once we understand something, how can we shape it?

Pure science builds skills in critical thinking, evidence collection, and the application of logic and philosophy to create understanding. Applied science builds students’ ability to use scientific knowledge to achieve goals that human beings value, creating the tools and products that improve our lives.

Technology is the toolset through which applied science occurs. Commencing from day one, we aim to equip students with an understanding of relevant contemporary technologies, and the capacity to effectively engage with them. 

From Prep to Year 12

In our junior science classes, students are engaged in exploration to learn how to become observers of the world around them. For example, a simple early primary activity such as examining and drawing a leaf introduces areas such as geometry and the ability to view an object under a microscope.

Grimwade House students also explore how to build and utilise technology through robotics, coding and design. This learning is supported through the provision of first-rate equipment and facilities.

When students enter Wadhurst, they focus on building and testing hypotheses using the evidence others have collected to create testable theoretical models. They also develop further skills in product design and engineering.

In our Senior School science classes, more advanced theoretical concepts are introduced, from examining the functions of atoms through to engaging with higher level scientific concepts, preparing students for the rigours of VCE study. 

Students in Years 9 and 10 also have the opportunity to build on their programming skills to build applications, to further develop their design and engineering capacities, and to generate web and multimedia solutions.

The traditional science subjects – Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Psychology and Physics – are available at VCE level, together with Product Design & Technology.