Barak Gallery

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The Barak Gallery is an exhibition space within Melbourne Grammar School dedicated to First Nations art.

Established in 2002, it is named in honour of William Barak (c. 1824-1903). Barak was an artist, leader, and ambassador for First Nations people. His powerful drawings focused on Wurundjeri affairs and the business of ceremony. They demonstrated great pride in his culture.

The Barak Gallery is designed to provoke thought and encourage cultural engagement. Exhibiting a range of contemporary First Nations work, the gallery exists to celebrate artistic expression and exhibit First Nations art that might challenge accepted stereotypes.

It houses paintings and prints by artists such as:

  • Gordon Bennett
  • Janangoo Butcher Cherel
  • Vicki Couzens
  • Lily Karedada
  • Raelene Kerinauia
  • Jean Baptiste Apuatimi

The space also aims to affirm Indigenous identity and pay homage to the oldest living culture in the world.