Environment and learning spaces

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The places where Grimwade House children learn and play are designed to reflect their needs as they grow, and to support a flexible, responsive approach to classroom learning. These purposeful learning spaces, along with the stability and strength of Harleston are part of what gives Grimwade House its distinctive character and are a major factor in our students’ success.

Modern, well equipped classrooms

Grimwade House classrooms are vibrant, colourful and well-equipped spaces which are designed to meet the needs of each age group of students. From the classic spaces in Harleston – formerly a family manor – to the new classrooms built overlooking the sports oval, the structure, materials and ambience of each room has been carefully planned with student learning and comfort in mind.

Music and performance

All our students have opportunities to learn percussion, wind or stringed instruments during their time at Grimwade House. For those who are part of ensembles or take private lessons, we provide specialised on-campus spaces to work with teachers along with exceptional performance facilities where the entire School can celebrate their achievements.

Labs and studios

The Grimwade House science lab, technology room and art studio are all built to meet specific age group and teaching needs. Exceptional facilities and tools support our students as they try their first scientific experiments, encounter new ways of using colour and artistic materials, and develop confidence in robotics, programming and media production.  

Sporting facilities

Rather than sharing standard-sized sports facilities and grounds with older peers, Grimwade House students have access to a purpose-built pool and gymnasium along with multipurpose courts for tennis, netball, basketball and hockey, turf cricket pitches and training nets, and a large, flexible oval space.

Gardens and grounds  

Our gardens and outdoor play areas are designed and maintained to promote pride in our campus and to encourage learning through play, relaxation and reflection. They include three playgrounds, a sensory garden, indoor and outdoor spaces, tools for imaginative play, quiet areas and many established trees that offer shade across the campus.