Spiritual growth

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Philosophy and Religious Studies is a core subject for all Wadhurst students. These classes are an opportunity to learn about world religion, understand core philosophical concepts, and to become familiar with Bible stories and teachings. Broader, contemporary, ethical questions are also addressed.

Fortnightly Chapel sessions at the Chapel of St Peter are also part of our timetable. These are periods during which personal, real-world experiences can be discussed and examined in relationship with readings from the Bible.

The Wadhurst Chaplain is also available to provide individual spiritual guidance for Wadhurst students.

A space for non-religious spiritual growth

As an Anglican School, Melbourne Grammar School’s religious education classes are informed by Christian faith and values. At the same time, we consider religious education classes to be periods of reflection during which students have the opportunity to interrogate their own thinking and decision-making in a non-religious context. We strive to ensure these classes are both inclusive as well as relevant to the present day, real-world experiences of our students.