Senior School Performing Arts Venues

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Melbourne Grammar School is proud of the outstanding talent of our young musicians and performers. Our alumni can be regularly seen on stages and screens across the world.

We encourage all students to participate in some form of the performing arts each year to foster their confidence, capacity for teamwork and, perhaps, to help them discover a new interest.

Facilities and performance spaces for our Senior School students include drama rooms along with:

  • the recently expanded and refurbished Myer Music School contains two performance and rehearsal areas, digital recording studios, and rooms for individual private instrumental tuition, including voice, and for music classes.
  • The Old Melburnians War Memorial Hall (Mem Hall) has a full theatre fit-out and a descending orchestra pit also hosts many concerts, theatrical productions and other performances each year.
  • Shelmerdine Music Studio is an underground rehearsal and teaching space located adjacent to Mem Hall that offers a soundproof studio and performance space, often used for recitals and less formal  lunchtime performances.
  • the Senior School bluestone quadrangle ‘The Quad’ has been transformed into a unique indoor-outdoor venue for the annual Quad (Shakespearean) play for decades.