Physical Education and Personal Development

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Health and physical education are an integral part of the curriculum, and are enhanced by inter-House and inter-school sporting opportunities.

Physical Education

Four sessions of Physical Education are held during each ten-day cycle where boys participate in a variety of sporting activities and learn about fitness, sporting skills and techniques, and game play. Students are also engaged in theory-based activities.

Through participating in Physical Education, students learn to combine motor skills, strategic thinking and tactical knowledge to improve individual and team performance. They use performance criteria and recorded video to evaluate and improve their own performance and the performance of others. Boys also learn how to measure their own fitness and activity levels, explore nutritional needs, and identify factors that influence motivation to be physically active.

Personal Development

The aim of the Year 8 Personal Development program is to help students attain the knowledge and skills required to make informed decisions regarding their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. It attempts to help each boy develop a positive self-concept and to form values and attitudes which enable him to confidently take responsibility for his actions and behaviour.

A focus on communication, leadership, teamwork and respecting each individual’s diverse qualities and attributes is a large component of the curriculum. Students learn about the importance of friendship and communities, and that making clear and thoughtful decisions is important to wellbeing. Important for this age group, students learn how everyone’s body undertakes changes, physically and emotionally, throughout puberty within a supportive environment.