Years 9 - 10

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Our Year 9 and 10 curriculum reflects our belief that a broad liberal education is the best way to educate and prepare students for their futures. It upholds the vision and values of the School, confirming our commitment to the holistic intellectual, spiritual and physical development of each student.

A broad, multidisciplinary program

Our program exposes students to a breadth of learning experiences and disciplines. It meets our obligations to the Victorian curriculum while also taking current developments in educational thinking into account.

Year 9 and 10 subjects include English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Design Technology, History, Geography, Language (up to two from: Chinese, French, Japanese, Latin), Philosophy and Religious Studies, Creative & Performing Arts, Health & Physical Education, and Personal Development and Leadership.

Within many of these subject areas, students can choose units that match their own areas of interest. Each unit consolidates core skills and knowledge from different perspectives. Our English units, for example, include The Fantastic Voyage, Web Journalism, Sports Writing, Heroes and Monsters: Classical Literature and Mythology, Film as Text, Creative Writing Workshop and Philosophy: Close Encounters of The Idea.

In our Creative and Performing Arts program, students can choose from units including Two Dimensional Studies, Visual Communication & Design, Drama in Action, Media Studies, Music – Compose Yourself!, and Music Performance. In Science and Technology, possible units include Design Technology, 3D Innovation, Multimedia, Software Development and Web Development.

The accompanying range of elective choices gives scope for students to pursue learning in their own areas of interest. They may choose to commit to a specific area or to explore these educational offerings more broadly. 

Autonomy and active participation

Student autonomy in unit choice invites our students to pursue their passions, to explore the unknown and to be active participants in their own learning. In this way, our curriculum supports a culture that values creative and reflective thinking and celebrates both curiosity and excellence.

Our teaching staff understand the need to develop their professional practice in this dynamic environment. Each staff member strives to tailor learning experiences that will inspire and engage their students.