Outdoor education

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Our Outdoor Education program is crucial to our goal of providing a holistic education for every student. Throughout Senior School, outdoor education activities build self-reliance, the courage to take risks and a sense of responsibility. 

Year 9: New experiences for personal development

In Year 9, students choose from 16 different programs including bushwalking in the alpine high country, rafting down the Snowy River, rock climbing at Mt Arapiles and mountain biking at Mt Stirling. We ensure students are directly involved in the day-to-day running of these activities, providing opportunities to express leadership, build collaborative skills, develop environmental knowledge and clarify their own values.

Year 10: ‘Beyond the Gates’

In Year 10, students participate in our 20-day Beyond the Gates’ program. Students journey from the Ross Gates on campus to Australia’s highest mainland peak, Mt Kosciuszko by bushwalking, white water rafting and mountain biking through Victoria’s and NSW’s alpine environment. The six themes of journey, identity, discovery, collaboration, spirit and challenge provide a framework for students as they embrace challenges and work alongside their peers.

Leslie Gladstone Robertson (LGR) Society

The School’s voluntary bush walking club, the Leslie Gladstone Robertson (LGR) Society, operates in Victoria, at a variety of sites. Year 11 and 12 students lead LGR camps, taking responsibility for the health and safety of each member of the group. These experiences consolidate students’ navigation and bushcraft skills along with their ability to manage groups, face challenges and support those around them.