Community engagement

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Contributing to community is central to our model of leadership. Across the Senior School we provide opportunities to engage with local, national and international communities while welcoming the efforts and expertise of community members into our classrooms.

Our School and its community

Our students’ success in Years 9 to 12 is built as much on the supportive relationships within the School and wider community as it is on academic excellence. Across our Senior School campus the expertise of key community members and the knowledge of our alumni all contribute to student learning and expand the range of opportunities available to them.

At the same time, our students are all encouraged to build strong connections to their wider community through activities as diverse as inter-school sporting competitions, music and theatre performances, Reconciliation Week activities, debating and involvement with organisations such as the Smith Family, Prahran Mission and Ronald McDonald House.     

Engagement beyond Melbourne

Service activities outside Melbourne and overseas offer another way for our students to contribute to communities beyond their immediate experience. These experiences range from students’ participation in the Garma Festival in North East Arnhem Land to working on different service projects such as building a water tank and renovating a church on traditional land in Cape York to building houses in Vietnam.

Each of these experiences outside Melbourne is a rare opportunity to make a positive impact to others’ lives while also expanding students’ understanding of what it is to provide support and build a true understanding of another community.