Visual arts

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We foster an everyday relationship with visual art through the artwork that forms part of our campus landscape and dedicated studio spaces. Our visual arts spaces include:

A cross-campus art collection

Wherever you walk on our campuses there are opportunities for encounters with art, from the thought-provoking pieces at our Gearbox Gallery, Indigenous works at our Barak Gallery, to our developing Sculpture Walk. This means students come into direct contact with contemporary and historical pieces as part of their everyday experience.

Our professional quality exhibition galleries are also used to display work from students at every campus, along with pieces by visiting and professional artists.

Purpose-built art studios

We offer age-appropriate studios and materials at Grimwade House, Wadhurst and Senior School, which encourage students to explore different art forms using resources that meet their needs. These include pottery and photographic studios, bright and well-resourced art rooms, exhibition spaces, and a full range of artistic materials.

Senior School students make good use of the Motor Works arts precinct — a first rate creative arts centre that supports the quality, scope and scale of work across the School.

Media production facilities

Students across all campuses gain experience with video and digital media production using up to date equipment and facilities. Video filming, editing and production often involves the use of our green screens and, in the Senior School, the purpose-built media production lab.