Junior Primary

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At Melbourne Grammar School, Junior Primary encompasses students in Prep - Year 2.

We want our youngest students to build a love of learning and a desire to achieve. Our aim is to foster curiosity, enjoyment and a willingness to ‘do your best’ in the classroom, knowing this will support every student throughout their time at Melbourne Grammar School.

We structure our lessons to match students’ changing cognitive and physical capacities. In every area – from music and sport to art, science and technology – we are always working towards emotional and spiritual growth alongside academic achievement.

Our Junior Primary curriculum

Junior Primary experiences are structured around a developmental curriculum which emphasises skill acquisition in the key areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and the Humanities (History and Geography). In all these subject areas we emphasise a personalised approach to learning and ‘visible thinking’ practices that make each child’s progress explicit.

Our specialist subjects during Prep – Year 2 include Music, Mandarin, Art, Health and Physical Education, Religious and Values Education (RAVE) and Library studies. We also offer our CARE health and wellbeing program across all year levels.

Off to a good start

During the first lessons in academic fundamentals, we take the time to encourage friendships among our students and to build confidence in the classroom. We introduce the skills students need to manage basic classroom tasks and behaviour, gradually introducing the concepts of community and teamwork through specific classroom programs.