Our culture

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At Grimwade House, each child’s learning occurs in relationship with their teachers, fellow students, and the School community. The strength of these relationships defines the welcoming, inclusive culture that underpins everything we do. 

Building the Grimwade House community

In each aspect of campus life we work to create an environment where students feel supported and enthusiastic. We recognise excellence across all fields of learning, from literacy and numeracy to performance, art, physical education and much more. 

We have a multidimensional view of learning, recognising that children have multiple intelligences, unique areas of interest and individual learning styles. This means we build towards meeting academic standards by focusing on growth, looking at the distance between where a child has been in the past, where they are today and setting new goals for them to achieve. 

Learning as a partnership

Our teaching staff are skilled in managing complex learning programs. We expect teachers to work closely with other staff, parents and the School community.

Parents are also actively encouraged to take part in school activities wherever possible. We aim to ensure each parent receives open, honest communication about their child’s progress and is aware of each next step in the curriculum.

Our teachers are supported by other specialists whose expertise complements their work in the classroom. These include music teachers, outdoor education staff, sports instructors and before and after school care staff, along with education specialists focused on foundational elements of our curriculum