Science and Technology

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Studies in the sciences introduce students to particular ways of thinking and of approaching and solving problems. Design Technology also challenges students to solve problems but in a technological context.


The course at Wadhurst promotes the characteristics that define the discipline of science, rather than just focusing on the subject of Science. The distinction is important as it allows for topics to be examined in depth and with a higher expectation placed on the student's role in the class.

We endeavour to develop learning communities in our classrooms, defined by behaviours we expect to see in other scientific communities. That is, free sharing of information, critical analysis of ideas, testing of claims through gathering of data and celebration of shared and individual success.

The student has a very important role to play in this. He is in partnership with his teacher to discover new things and to extend each other’s knowledge.

Design and Technology

In the Design and Technology Centre, students have the opportunity to put into practice the theories they have learned in Mathematics and Science by designing and creating a range of mechanical and electrical objects.

Students create design concepts with a focus on utility, identify suitable tools and learn to use them, select materials with an eye to sustainability, and gain an understanding of design-specific computer software.