Academic enrichment and support

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Our academic enrichment and support programmes are tailored to encourage highly able students to take on new challenges while motivating and supporting those striving to meet aspects of our mainstream curriculum.

These programmes are an extension of our pastoral care, reflecting our aim to inspire each student to perform at their peak. We know that those who can meet academic standards easily should be presented with opportunities to challenge themselves, while those with specific needs should be identified and supported as early as possible.

In addition to the specialist staff working at the School, we draw in external experts to provide additional testing and support as needs be. These include occupational therapists and speech pathologists. 

Focusing on need

Enrichment activities are available to all students across all campuses. These may include special interest groups, external competitions, or one-off activities based around a current social issue. Extension activities further challenge very able students.

We meet all students at their individual points of need, supporting those who are finding it difficult to access aspects of the curriculum through strategies including in-classroom support, our-of-hours programmes, mentoring and varied teaching strategies. We aim to find and develop the strengths of each student, encouraging a true enthusiasm for learning and having the skills to do so.