Teaching and learning

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Consistent with our overall approach, we integrate opportunities for creativity, critical thinking and personalised learning across the Wadhurst curriculum. These are the years in which physical and emotional growth surges, so we provide an environment where boys can develop with expert guidance and support. 

The Wadhurst curriculum

Our curriculum is built around study in the familiar subject areas of Design Technology, Drama, English, Geography, Health and Physical Education, History, Languages, Mathematics, Music, Personal Development, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Science and Visual Arts. Alongside these core disciplines, Wadhurst students also have opportunities to participate in sporting, outdoor education and social awareness programs.

We also offer a unique subject – Argo. In Year 7, Argo is a multidisciplinary subject that specifically encourages self-reflection, resilience, relationship building and the ability to manage interpersonal challenges. In Year 8, Argo is an elective program where students select from a range of courses including Sport Science, Creating an AFL Club, Emerging Architects, Coding and Colonising Mars.

Outside the classroom

Field trips and excursions complement the learning in the classroom and many opportunities exist for performance through a range of musical ensembles, bands and plays. Often drawing together boys with common interests, we offer numerous clubs including those focusing on chess, coding, debating, drama and more. Visiting authors, artists and guest speakers expose students to new skills and perspectives.

All students participate in both our Outdoor Education and Sport programs. Boys also have the opportunity to travel interstate and overseas through academic and sporting activities.

In all of these undertakings, students are encouraged to push their personal boundaries, often revealing unexpected strengths. We aim for them to develop resilience, strengthen empathy for other members of their community and gain new insights into aspects of intellectual endeavor.