Spiritual growth

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Spirituality is a central value of Melbourne Grammar School, understood as an awareness of the divine alongside emotional and psychological well being. We encourage spiritual growth in our Senior School students as part of our goal to educate and develop the ‘whole person’. 

Anglican foundations in a modern context

The School has three chaplains, all of whom are ordained Priests of the Anglican Church. The Senior Chaplain has a particular focus on the spiritual growth of Senior School students.

The Chapel of St. Peter, completed in 1893, is the spiritual heart of our Senior School. These institutions, alongside our Philosophy and Religious Studies program, provide a space in which students can reflect on the values and actions that lead them to be happiest and most engaged.

A sharing of opinions and beliefs

Shaped by its Anglican heritage, the Melbourne Grammar School community is now made up of many faiths. Anglicanism values religious inclusivity, open mindedness and intellectual debate. Students in the Senior School are encouraged to develop and share their perspective on spirituality through self-reflection, through classroom discussion and through meaningful interactions with people of different faiths and belief systems.