The Old Melburnians Dick Cotton Fellowship

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Enabling young Old Melburnians to continue practicing Melbourne Grammar School’s Values in Action.


The Old Melburnians Dick Cotton Fellowship provides younger Old Melburnians with the support and encouragement to act for the benefit of others. Funds are awarded to one applicant to be used for travel, study and/or a community project which provides a unique opportunity for self-development and discovery that goes beyond the benefits offered by a higher education.

It is hoped that Dick Cotton Fellows will become ambassadors within the wider School community and in particular role-models to students by participating in the School's emerging leadership program upon completion of their Fellowship year.

The award is a cash grant of up to $3,000.

All projects addressing the selection criteria will be considered.

In 2021, the selection panel will prioritise applications that seek to connect with and strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Read more about 2019 and 2020, fellowship recipients Shaun Edwards (OM 2011) and Liv Vizard (OM 2015) here.


You can apply via the online Application Form.

The application must address the questions outlined in the application form, as well as include a detailed itinerary of the proposed travel (if relevant), and two supporting referee letters.



Applicants must be Old Melburnians under the age of 30 at the time of their application.

The applicant must specify purpose of travel, study and/or a project that is to be undertaken and the benefits both to the applicant and the wider community.

Favourable consideration will be given to those applicants who can demonstrate a link between the Fellowship and the School's Values.


The award will be selected by the Executive of the Old Melburnians Council.

The selection panel also may choose to conduct interviews.


  • The Old Melburnian Fellowships will not be awarded to enable the recipient to gain or contribute to gaining higher academic qualification
  • The project details, timeline and itinerary must be completed on the application form prior to submission
  • The Old Melburnian Fellowship applicant must be under the age of 30 at the time of application
  • The Old Melburnian Fellowship can be awarded to an individual or a group
  • The Old Melburnians Fellowship recipient will be required to submit a detailed report (500 to 750 words) on their project or activity within 12 months of receiving the grant. The report may published in the subsequent edition of Grammar News magazine.
  • It is expected that recipients will be ambassadors for the Fellowship as follows:
    • refer to the Fellowship in communications about the project where appropriate
    • encourage other eligible Old Melburnians to apply
    • be willing to share photographs and updates about the project if it is ongoing
    • be prepared to speak at Old Melburnian events, or feature in publications

The Old Melburnians Dick Cotton Fellowship is led by Old Melburnian Council Member Anton Leschen (OM 1983). Anton is willing to speak with interested applicants. Please email or phone +61 3 9865 7682