When the past meets the future

It is more than 80 years since Mr Alan Guest (OM 1943) first walked through Melbourne Grammar School’s gates. Since then two further generations of the Guest family have studied at the Bluestone, the most recent being Sam Guest (OM 2016). His long history of involvement with the School has enabled Mr Guest to develop a unique picture of the School’s history, culture and achievements.

“Of course, society has changed, and Melbourne Grammar has changed with it,” observes Mr Guest. “There is a greater emphasis on inclusivity and service to the community now. The building of the Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub is another good example of how the School is adapting to the times. However, I see many traditions remaining, and that is a good thing.”

Mr Guest believes that camaraderie has also been a constant hallmark of the School. “You make friends for life,” he explains. “It was the same for all of our boys.”

“It’s important to have a school like Melbourne Grammar,” says Mr Guest. “It has always had a good feel about it, and it is well managed and well maintained. The School has offered three generations of my family many opportunities over a long period of time.”

“I loved my time at Melbourne Grammar, as have the other members of my family,” says Mr Guest. “I want future generations of my family to enjoy it as well. In part, that’s why my wife, Wendy, and I have chosen to join the Witherby Tower Society.”

“The Witherby Tower Society brings together those people who have included a gift to the School in their Will,” explains Witherby Tower Society President, Andrew Guy (OM 1965). “There are a mix of individuals in the Society. Some, like Alan Guest and me, have had multiple generations of our families attend the School.” 

“I think that people who have a strong connection to, and a deep understanding of, the School often have a desire to see the School maintain its leading position in Australian education. The School has benefited greatly from the generosity of prior generations and they wish to see this continue. They understand that a Melbourne Grammar School education is not just about what you learn in the classroom and they want that to continue,” says Mr Guy.

“However, we also want those who bring a new approach and fresh ideas to become part of our community,” he says. “It adds to our diversity and this is valuable and powerful.”


If you are interested in supporting Indigenous bursaries, or including a Gift to the School in your Will, please contact:

+61 3 9865 7555


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