A trip to Africa

The Year 6 production of The Lion King Jr was spectacular. The wonderful performances, costumes and sets transported you to Africa for all-too-brief a time.

The Lion King Jnr tells the familiar tale of the murder of the king of the Pridelands, King Mufasa, by his nefarious brother, Scar, who covets the throne. Scar also compels the young prince, Simba, to leave the Pridelands so Scar can rule without competition. However, years later, Simba triumphantly returns to oust Scar and claim the crown.

Rafiki’s haunting opening refrain of ‘Circle of Life’ created just the right atmosphere for the mesmerising entrance of African animals onto the stage. Later, the Grasslands ensemble very ably set the scene of the hot, dry African landscape through costume, dance and song.

You could tell Scar was a nasty piece of work just by his sneering presence – disrespectful, manipulative and vain – not an ideal uncle for young Simba at all! His companions, the hyenas, were equally distasteful (and just a little amusing). However, heroic King Mufasa, the graceful lionesses, jaunty Zazu and the very amusing ‘no worries’ twosome – Timon and Pumbaa – easily provided a positive counterpoint to the unpleasantness.

Of course, the main protagonists in The Lion King Jnr, Simba and Nala, hit just the right note – charm, humour and nobleness in perfect measure.

When Simba finally ascended to the throne and returned the Pridelands to a peaceful place, it seemed that all was right with the world.  Well done cast and crew!

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