Meet our ‘99.95’ students

Of the 36 Victorian students who achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95 in 2018, five studied at Melbourne Grammar School.

Here, our ’99.95’ students comment on their time at the School and their future plans. All five students were awarded a Chancellor’s Scholarship at the University of Melbourne.

Enoch Fan (OM 2018)

Academic Head of School (Dux)
Captain of Music
Sir Brian Hone Medal recipient

I’m really grateful to Melbourne Grammar for providing such a wonderful learning environment. I enjoyed having capable friends who were able to learn from, support and challenge each other.

When I began at the school in Year 7, older students were supportive, encouraging and caring towards me, and that was something I tried to give back when I was able to do so.

I am studying Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne this year, then a medical pathway is most likely.


Thomas Sutherland (OM 2018)

Proxime Accessit
Captain of Debating
Vice-Captain of Creese House

An ATAR of 99.95 may have always the goal but it wasn’t what I was solely striving for. At Year 12 level, it’s important to do things that might not necessarily directly contribute to achieving an ATAR of 99.95, because they all contribute a little bit to who you are. Even though they may be distinct from the academic component, they’re part of the whole process of education.

I’m studying Science at the University of Melbourne. At this stage I’m looking at a career at the intersection between engineering and technology and, perhaps, medicine.


Austin Haynes (OM 2018)

Captain of Miller
House Senior Chorister
Chair, Gay Straight Alliance Committee

I think that what is most important is not necessarily your score, but what has come before it. I believe that what I’ll remember most, and what I care about the most now, are all the friendships I have made at Melbourne Grammar School.

The School also pushed us to really consider our world, and who we are as people. That was really valuable.

I’ll be pursuing a degree in English Literature at Oxford University later this year. I also have a Choral Scholarship there. In the long term I want to look at a career in baroque music performance in opera.


Lachlan King (OM 2018)

Vice-Captain of Snow Sports
Colours in Snow Sports,
Hockey, Debating, Tennis
House Colours

Throughout my years at Melbourne Grammar, I developed a lot as an individual, not only through the academic programme, but also through all the co-curricular activities I did.

On receiving my result, I recognised it as a point of contentment where I was extraordinarily happy with what I had achieved. It was also a time for moving from that point to strive for great things in the future.

My current plan is to complete a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Languages (French) at the University of Melbourne, then use that, and subsequent engineering studies, as the basis to become an engineer.


Andrew Shen (OM 2018)

Chair, Sustainable Living Improvement Committee
Founder of RAM (Robotics and Machines) Club
Colours in Debating, Table Tennis

99.95 was in my mind for the whole year, but as I was waiting for my results, its importance diminished. I realised that the final score doesn’t represent what I have achieved this year very well. Looking back, I am happy with my academic effort, but I also value the opportunity I had to start a new club at the School and work with others on worthwhile efforts. I learned a lot about myself through that experience.

I’m studying Science at the University of Melbourne, while waiting on the outcome of applications to US college. Without knowing the specifics yet, my career will be in the STEM related sciences.

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