MGS Rugby Club Membership 2019

Parents of students playing Rugby are invited to become a member of the MGS Rugby Club.

We welcome all members of the Rugby community to the 2019 season.  2019 is shaping up to be an exciting season with fantastic groups of boys across all age levels. Skills and fitness training is well under way, supported by a team of capable experts. Tours to Sydney are in the final stages of preparation and we’re sure all the boys will have a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

If anyone is still interested in contributing to this committee, we welcome your attendance at our next meeting.

We encourage all rugby playing boys at MGS to join the rugby club. You will be contributing towards the development and support of the MGS Rugby Community and each boy will receive an MGS Rugby Cap and Water bottle in their membership pack.  The cost of membership is $99 per boy (with siblings paying a reduced amount of $59).

All money raised through membership goes into the Rugby Fund which then enables your committee to contribute toward enhancing coaching and facilities across all age groups. In addition, these funds cover all catering costs for our (and visiting) players at practices and after matches and where necessary supports supplementary physiotherapy requirements. 



Please register here