About boarding

We want our boarders to feel that they are part of an extended family. Today’s boarding houses are defined by transparency, strong connections between school and home, and the fun and friendship students experience in day-to-day School life.  

We offer our boarders:

  • exceptional pastoral care that prioritises safety and well-being in all aspects of boarding life
  • academic monitoring and support that complements and builds upon classroom experiences
  • a wide range of opportunities to be involved in the School activities that take place right on their doorstep. 

Our aims

Across Melbourne Grammar School our goal is to develop the ‘whole person’, meeting their intellectual, spiritual and physical needs. We strive to enhance this holistic education for our boarders by:

  • assisting students to achieve their academic potential
  • connecting students to the full life of the School
  • celebrating diversity and culture
  • promoting service and care for others
  • developing teamwork
  • encouraging students to accept responsibility for individual actions
  • helping students become more independent and prepared for tertiary life