Applying for a First Nations scholarship

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First Nations scholarships are available to boys entering Year 9 and 10.  We invite applications for scholarships when students are in Year 8 or 9.

Applications for 2025 First Nations scholarships are now open, and will close on Friday 26 July 2024.

To apply, please complete our First Nations Scholarship application form here

You can find out more about eligibility and selection criteria for First Nations scholarships here.


Application and admission steps

Step one

Applications should be completed when the applicant is in Year 8 or 9.

When applying you will be asked to provide copies of the applicant’s:

  • three most recent school reports
  • Year 7 NAPLAN results
  • evidence of Aboriginality
  • birth certificate


You will also be asked to provide:

  • a letter of reference from the applicant’s school principal or school teacher
  • information about the applicant’s sporting, cultural and community activities over the past two years


While it is not essential, you can also provide other supporting documentation, such as further letters of reference from sport or community members, and information about awards/achievements, if you wish to do so.

You will also need to agree to the Conditions of Entry to the School which can be found online here.

Step two

Applications from students who meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarships are reviewed and a shortlist is created.

We take into account the applicant’s: 

  • academic and behavioural record
  • involvement in co-curricular or community activities or programs

We will also ask you to complete and submit an AIEF application at this point in time.

Step three
Academic testing

Shortlisted applicants are invited to sit Melbourne Grammar School’s Academic Entrance Test, either on-site at Melbourne Grammar, or remotely.

The Academic Entrance Test is a series of online, multiple-choice tests on subjects such as Mathematics and English. No preparation is required. 

This normally occurs in early August.

Step four
First interview and ABSTUDY application

Depending on the results of the Entrance Test, some of the shortlisted applicants are invited to meet with the Director of Boarding and the First Nations Program Manager either online via video call or in-person at the School. 

At this point in time, candidates must start the process of applying for ABSTUDY and provide evidence to the Admissions Office.

This normally occurs in August.

Step five
Final interview

In August, as a final step in the selection process, final-round candidates are invited to meet with the Deputy Headmaster at Melbourne Grammar School.

Prior to the interview you will be asked to provide:

  • a handwritten letter to the Deputy Headmaster, outlining why your son wishes to be considered for this scholarship opportunity

    This normally occurs in early August.

Step six

Successful applicants are offered a First Nation Scholarship by email in early-September. 

Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified at this time. 

Step seven
Acceptance and confirmation

Families who receive a scholarship offer need to accept their offer within a specified timeline (normally around one week).

To accept an offer, you need to:

  • complete the Letter of Offer form which will be included in the offer we send to you 
  • agree to the Scholarship Award Conditions which will be included in the offer we send to you
  • pay the non-refundable enrolment fee of $500.00
Step eight
Orientation and transition

The School has a strong orientation and transition program designed with First Nations students in mind. A key responsibility of the First Nations Program Manager, the Director of Boarding and other senior staff is to ensure they settle in well at the School.

Each year we hold a New Boarders’ Sleepover where all new boarders are invited to spend the night in the Boarding House if they can, giving them the opportunity to meet other new and current boarders and preparing them for commencement. 

This year the Sleepover will take place on the 16-17 November 2024.

Step nine
Commencement at the School

New Boarders should arrive at the Boarding House on 29 January 2025. The first day of school will be Thursday 30 January 2025.