Scholarships and bursaries

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Melbourne Grammar School offers a range of scholarships and bursaries which celebrate aspiration and achievement, and foster access and diversity.

Our scholarships seek to recognise the talents of very able students. Some are specifically aimed at widening access to the exceptional education available at Melbourne Grammar, irrespective of financial means or social circumstances.

Annual Scholarships

Annual Scholarships are available to outstanding students entering Year 7 or Year 9. These scholarships celebrate excellence and are awarded on the basis of merit.

We offer:

- Academic Scholarships

Music Scholarships

- Boarding Scholarships

All families are invited to apply for these scholarships. They are available to students who are already attending or enrolled at the School, and to new students.

All applicants must first register for an Academic Scholarship. Applicants may then register for Music and/or Boarding Scholarships.

Find out more about our Annual Scholarships.

Access Scholarships

Access Scholarships are awarded to talented students who show that they can benefit from an exceptional education but whose families may not be able to meet the financial commitment associated with attending the School.

A range of Access Scholarships are available. The year level, selection procedures and timings for Access Scholarships varies across the range, as does the level of support provided.

All Access Scholarships are means tested.

Find out more about our Access Scholarships.

First Nations Scholarships

Melbourne Grammar is proud to offer dedicated bursaries to support First Nations students to attend and board at our School. As part of our First Nations Program, these scholarships contribute to our goal of creating a culture that values and supports First Nations students.

Learn more about our First Nations Scholarships.

Scholarships for current students

Two dedicated scholarships are available only current students, recognising excellence in debating and accomplishment in visual arts.

Learn more about our scholarships for current students.

International students

Those studying at Melbourne Grammar on a student visa are ineligible for our scholarships.

Find out more about admissions and support for international students.