Staying involved with the School

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Old Melburnians give enormously to the life of the School. Their support and generosity can be witnessed through the facilities that are offered to our students and through the endowment of scholarships. Old Melburnians perform vital roles on School Council and its various sub-committees, as sports coaches and as volunteers.

You may come across volunteers helping out backstage at School plays and at many other events. Old Melburnians also support other Old Melburnians through the mentoring programme, as well as helping current students through the careers breakfast programme.

Share your knowledge and experience

Current students and fellow Old Melburnians depend on the advice, experience, expertise and connections offered by the Old Melburnian community. We invite you to contribute to this network by taking part in our careers events, mentorship programme and by contributing through OMLink where Old Melburnians can promote upcoming career opportunities.  The easiest way to notify ways you are willing to help is via OMLink.

Donate to the School Archives

The contributions we receive from Old Melburnians are vital to the continued growth of our School Archives, which houses memorabilia, photography, artwork and many other items. Your donations will add to the rich historic record of Melbourne Grammar School and be preserved for the benefit of future generations. 

Keep your professional details

Keeping your professional and contact details up-to-date through OMLink is one of the most important ways you can support the School.

It provides us with a basis for identifying those who may be best placed to provide experience, advice and support, as well as ensuring you receive invitations to Old Melburnians events and Reunions.

Provide philanthropic support

Philanthropic support is part of the foundation of our School. It is also a way to share the benefits you have gained through your time at Melbourne Grammar with today’s students as well as those who will attend the School in the future. Beyond financial contributions, philanthropic support also encompasses the sharing of time, experience and energy. We welcome and appreciate any contribution you wish to make.