Governance and structure

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The Old Melburnians Society is an incorporated association. The Old Melburnians Council is its governing body.

The Council is responsible for providing strategic insights and planning to support the governance of the Old Melburnians network. The Council also manages the Society’s financial affairs, oversees strategic projects and seeks out engagement opportunities.

With 19,000 Old Melburnians living around the world, the Council supports Old Melburnians to maintain a lasting connection with the School, by delivering events, programs, activities and communications that enable the community to continue building friendships and connections with one another after they leave the School.

Old Melburnians Council Membership

Mr Martin Scott (OM 1980), PresidentMember of Council since 2019
Ms Penny Apted (OM 1994)Member of Council since 2022
Ms Edwina Burn (OM 2004)Member of Council since 2023
Mr Marc Cuming (OM 1983)Member of Council since 2016
Mr Nik Devidas (OM 1997)Member of Council since 2023
Mr Anton Leschen (OM 1983)Member of Council since 2019
Mr Jeremy Nichols (OM 1983)Member of Council since 2021
Mr Andrew Sutcliffe (OM 1986)Member of Council since 2019
Mr Charles Thompson (OM 1987)Member of Council since 2021
Mr Douglas Tsoi (OM 2004)Member of Council since 2023