Accomplishments across the board

Melbourne Grammar School’s Year 12 students have, once again, achieved excellent VCE results. The School is proud of their success.

The Class of 2017 is an accomplished group of young men, who have already gained success across multiple fields of endeavour. With world class outcomes in sport and debating, outstanding achievements in the visual and performing arts, and social justice actions which have inestimably altered the fabric of the School, they have clearly demonstrated the value of leadership, commitment, and integrity.

The breadth of success across VCE subjects is testament to their wide breadth of academic talents, with perfect scores attained in Chemistry, English, Further Mathematics, Geography, Literature, Mathematical Methods and Music Performance.

Of special note, the Captain of School, Nick Bartlett, and the two Deputy Captains of School, Rich Bartlett and Morgan Galea have provided exceptional (and time consuming) student leadership throughout the year, and have all attained outstanding results.

The capabilities of our students have been recognised by the tertiary sector. Ben Hoskins has already received an advanced offer from Stanford University. Several other students have had interviews with Oxford University and Cambridge University, and are awaiting outcomes. Numerous applications for top universities across USA and UK are also pending. At least four students are eligible for Chancellor’s Scholarships at the University of Melbourne, and some students have already received scholarship offers from other Australian universities.

2017 VCE Results Highlights

  • 12% of our students are in the State’s top 1%, achieving an ATAR of 99 or above and 30% of our students are in the State’s top 5%, achieving an ATAR of 95 or above.

  • Ten students received perfect study scores of 50, with one further student achieving this result in two subjects.  Subjects included Chemistry, English, Further Mathematics, Geography, Literature, Mathematical Methods and Music Performance.

  • Four students achieved a score of 99.90.

  • The median ATAR was 87.

The School wishes to acknowledge the exceptional levels of capability and dedication demonstrated by our teachers, and the ongoing support of family members, without which these results would not have been possible.

We congratulate the Class of 2017 on their VCE results and wish them well as they take their first steps along their own unique path in the wider world.


The above is based upon information provided by VTAC and VCAA at the time of printing. The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) indicates an individual ranking against all others in Australia who finished or would have finished their secondary education in 2017. In accordance with the MGS Privacy Policy and procedures, all students named above have given their approval for the use of their names and release of results.

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