Melbourne Grammar School Foundation Board

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Our Foundation Board is made up of members of the School community who actively encourage philanthropy. Board members are informed advocates of and ambassadors for Melbourne Grammar School and the importance of philanthropy in supporting and creating the School’s future.

Members of the Board host events organised by the Community Relations Office in support of fundraising priorities and stewardship programs. They possess an awareness of Melbourne Grammar School and its activities, future directions, programs and community. They work with the Head of Development to build strong and lasting relationships with benefactors, and to actively thank and recognise current and past donors. They provide visible leadership and set an example to others by making Melbourne Grammar School their philanthropic priority.


ChairProf Julian Smith

Mr Andrew Brookes

 Mr Michael Cotton
 Mr Damian Ferguson
 Mr Don Grant
 Mr Jamie Gray
 Mr Philip Grutzner
 Ms Fiona Hindmarsh
 Dr Shirley Hsieh
 Mr Andrew Michelmore AO
 Mrs Alex Scanlon
 Prof Geoffrey Taylor
 Ms Georgia Widdup