A family tradition of giving

“I have always believed it is important to bring children up to give more than they take,” says Jamie Gray.

Jamie Gray (OM 1976) has enjoyed an impressive career as a commercial property developer. The Melbourne father of three is now establishing a reputation as a philanthropist and he has education firmly in his sights.

“If you have a capacity to give, I believe it is very important to do so,” says Jamie, by way of explaining his generous gift to Melbourne Grammar School’s  New World of Teaching and Learning Campaign.

“My father was a donor to the School when I was there, so I suppose it has been a tradition I have wanted to continue. I have always believed it is important to bring children up to give more than they take.”

Hugo, the youngest of his children, is a Year 11 student at Melbourne Grammar School. As he approaches his final year, Jamie felt it was fitting to provide a generous parting gift by way of giving thanks for the happy years Hugo – and his sisters who attended Grimwade - spent here.

Even more significantly, Jamie is captivated by the School’s vision to empower its students to flourish in a world where Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is becoming increasingly important.

“By providing the students of today and tomorrow with a world-class facility, I hope it will inspire them to pursue careers in the sciences,” Jamie explains. “Perhaps their endeavours will then lead to world-changing discoveries which will greatly benefit all of society.”

Jamie’s philanthropic efforts go back many years. He says he feels privileged to be able to make a difference, however small, in the life of a school, or in the life of a promising student from a financially disadvantaged background.

In addition to supporting Melbourne Grammar School, Jamie and his wife, Rebecca, contribute to St Catherine’s, where their daughters attended school, and where Jamie is a member of the School Council and Chair of the Buildings and Property Committee.

Jamie believes that in an ideal world, vision and philanthropy go hand-in-hand. He applauds the decision by the School – and, in particular, the Headmaster, Mr Roy Kelley – to invest in a dynamic learning environment where the next generation of scientists, designers and innovators can grow.

Jamie believes that contributing funds to make this vision a reality is not just a privilege, but also the responsibility of those in a position to do so. This benefits not only students of Melbourne Grammar School, but also to the wider community.

As we come towards the end of the New World of Teaching and Learning Campaign, we are well on our way to reaching our $15 million fundraising goal. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting, history-making Campaign.