| Melbourne Grammar School
The spirituality of dadirri
Dr Miriam-Rose Ungenmerr AO captured the hearts of many audience members during her presentation on dadirri at Melbourne Grammar School.
'World premiere’ performances
The Melbourne Grammar School Big Band was recently involved in ‘world premiere’ performances of the music to a new show created by Tim Ferguson.
Orthopaedics exhibition
An Exhibition of Orthopaedics in Australia was displayed in in the Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership during March 2017.
The importance of fieldwork in Geography
Fieldwork involves going off into the world outside school and collecting information and data related to a certain hypothesis.
Premier’s VCE Award recipients
Four Melbourne Grammar School students have been recognised for their 2016 VCE performance through the Premier’s VCE Award programme.
Pre-season soccer success
In April, Melbourne Grammar School’s soccer team was invited to play at The Southport School’s (TSS) Annual Tournament.