It was 1952 and I was in my matriculation year at Senior School. An announcement was made that a new house was to be created and that it would be named Bruce House, in honour of one of the School’s greatest sons, Stanley Melbourne Bruce, Viscount Bruce of Melbourne.

Being a Bruce, I immediately applied to join the new House and was accepted. Later it was announced that Lord Bruce would visit the School. I was thrilled and looked forward to seeing, and perhaps even meeting, the great man. Shortly before his visit, however, I developed a severe respiratory tract infection and was home in bed on the date of his visit. I was so disappointed at the time but soon got over it and enjoyed the rest of the year as a member of Bruce House.

To this day I feel honoured to have been the first Bruce in Bruce House and often wonder, how many other Bruces have followed me?


Editor: Well, Mr Bruce, we are delighted to inform you that you hold the singular distinction as being the only Bruce to have ever been in Bruce House.

And, in case you are interested, our records show that the number of Brombys to have ever been in Bromby House is one, Creeses in Creese House – zero, Deakin House – zero, Hone House – one, Miller House – six, Morris House – ten, Perry – zero, Ross – five (including one current student, Oliver Ross, Year 9), Rusden – one, School – zero and Witherby – zero.

Of note, Mr Tim Morris (OM 1981) was not only in Morris House during his school days, he also served as Head of Morris House from 1999 until 2008. Michael Bromby (OM 1968) was Captain of Bromby House in 1968 and Andrew Ross (OM 1988) was similarly Captain of Ross House in 1988.


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