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Witherby Tower Society

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Melbourne Grammar School enjoys the loyalty and respect of a large School community that has been touched by its sense of family and tradition.

The Witherby Tower Society was formed in 1995 by the Melbourne Grammar School Foundation and the School Council. It honours those who remember the School in their Will. The Society has the purpose of encouraging members of the Melbourne Grammar School community to make a bequest or future gift to the School and also gives recognition to those who have already made this generous commitment.

Importantly it gives the School an opportunity to thank the Society’s members during their lifetime, by inviting them to special events and keeping members informed and in touch with the School and its students today.

To join or to learn more about this vibrant and growing society, or to discuss your bequest options, please contact Moya Barclay, Manager Stewardship and Donor Relations.

Witherby Tower Society Committee Members


The Witherby Tower Society Committee members are responsible for the promotion of bequests within the Melbourne Grammar School community.

Chair Andrew Guy
Committee Members

Robyn Alder

Michael Bartlett
Chair of Melbourne Grammar School Council

Richard King AM

Josee Pinsonneault
Director of Development